About CHA Academy
  • Vission

    To become an institution that integrates knowledge and skills.

  • Mission

    Striving to provide quality human capital and integrity to meet industrial needs.

  • Facilities

    Facilities to be enjoyed by the students are as follows:-
    Experienced Instructor.
    Training given by experts recognized by the Department of Skills Development (DSD) and experienced in the industry.
    Equipment workshops that meet international specifications.
    Classroom theory with air conditioning in every room and space.
    Provision of accommodation (hostel) to the trainees.
    Collaborate by SIRIM QAS, ABS, TWI and AWS to conduct inspections, recognition and certification of skills for students and workers.
    Work placement for students who have passed and recognized by certification body and CHA Academy.

Corporate Profile of CHA Academy

CHA Academy Sdn Bhd (Certified High Achievers) well established Organization in Malaysian Welding Industry, aiming to provide consultation services, training in welding technology, Information Systems Assistant Supervisor and Computer in Networking for Industrial Training Centre and in the private sector as well as government bodies.

CHA Academy conducts training competence and technical skills such as classification 1G-6G welding, Information Systems Assistant Supervisor and Computer in Networking certification (Level 1/2/3). We also provide a short-term program that fits the demands of the industry and manage job placement for students who have passed and are recognized by the certification body.

CHA Academy is in collaboration with local certifying body SIRIM QAS and international certification bodies such as ABS, AWS and TWI which perform certification in accordance with AWS code D1.1, ASME IX, BS EN 287 and DIN. In essence, the body will be awarded certificates after the witnesses, assess and test results of participants in welding.

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